Saturday, 6 November 2010

nasi goreng ayam

it looks like this my chicken fried rice.. ;)

today i was cooked chicken fried rice..huhu...it already my first in doing that menu..before this

time,i always cooked that something simple such as friend noodle or burger and toast bread.. and

today was a holiday weekend ..i want trying something new in my cooking.. thats why last morning

i go to giant market to buy ingredient in my chicken friend rice..i buy like a vegetables, half chicken part and other else such as onion and eggs..

i doing this menu like usually i cooked everyday..probabily im new in cooking but i knew that

i can cooking in my way style..hoho.. so better inn my cooking and my frends told me that

food was taste so...i had cooking so much today..and i feel calm and satisfied in doing right

things.. and thats important which is i was so full today..im feel happy ,can get to fullin' my stomach..haha

3 Romen:

::FAIZ FARISH:: said...

make me lapar... hehe

Hafizy Hiroki said...

haha..nk aku buatkan utk ko jugak..huhu...tapi pay me first ya..haha

AdiE said...


~ DanieL AdiE ~