Thursday, 6 May 2010

Excited Adrenalin nerve..

i was very excited and not patient for waiting this chance in my life..

i will meet my love at there place..the beautiful place and sweet memories for us..

i will meet her again and again soon..i wish that, our relationship will be tightly also reach until we marrying together..i will and promise to take care of she every time
.. life with loving she forever in my life..i wish also she will loving me until forever and ever..
i feel she is my true love because i believe she trust of my love for her..i will promise that's i never leave you..i feel this is right and best choice in my life..i will love you with all my heart and accept you into my soul..

i want be always with you..close behind you..be apart in you life darling.. understanding with you..if not i will feel lonely without you..i will die without you..you love..and everything is you my lover..i give you my heart to take care of them..
and last word that i want to say it is.. i love you very much syg..and i was excited to meet you soon..we will spent lot of time in our honeymoon..huhu :)

2 Romen:

::FAIZ FARISH:: said...

wah aku suka rantai tu.... F... hm. kena ngan nama aku....

Hafiszi Isa said...

f for fizy..hoho