Sunday, 18 April 2010


PYJAMA RAMA PARTY it is a dinner event that was held by masscom and masscomer others..the people that has involved which is masscom's lecturer and also masscom's student, Shahputra college.. This event was held in 18 april 2010 which is last night celebrated it.. it was located at Gambang City Resort..in Carrabean Ballroom.. Environment during this event was so enjoy and fun.. everybody have a enjoy each other with clothes different rather than other event was organized..themes of masscom dinner it is pyjama..which is not sometimes or always people has think about it..it is idea came from our lecturer to0..it be supported by other lecturer and also students..there was look the vvip came also in our dinner party include the owner of gambang city resort and also tengku..

I have a fun too with this time of dinner..it would be a part of my sweet memories with member massscom and especially our lecturer that have been hared to make this dinner became success among their student until this now..variety of style and fashion that can i see among in this dinner..some people especially girls bring along their cute teddy bear and other accessories stuff..

during the dinner begin, that has a performance among part 1 until part 6 of masscom's student..firstly, this event begin with slide show of corporate..which is the slide show photo's by masscom's student among part1 until part 6 but mostly picture that i can look here is part 6 student..maybe it sign of bring our memory with senior part 6, that soon came out in graduation later..during slideshow presented, we all eat our dinner..sea food and lots of food is here...thanks to worker, waiter also hotel department because prepare to us with delicious food.. and after that, their have a performance by band part 2 and will sing by our lecturer which is en. Faiz..they performance 2 songs it is Cinta Gila also Situasi...surround in the ballroom was happening with they perform also enjoy it.. our lecturer and the coordinator for our corse too...which is miss Che Ku Norhasneeza already doing performance in front of we all at the beginning party..after that, miss betty with en. herman presented the songs..

the food that we all has ate such as vegetables, scrump, chicken, beef, satay, and bun cake.. and for a dessert that has a pudding also fruit..i and my member felt very replete..huhu :)there has a much a photography among we all..it would be sweet experience and good memories gather forever..the part 1 has a solo performance by girl, .she has a good in vocal too.. the performance is continue with part 2 until part 3.. the part 2 which is band live perform..and the part 2 have they own tango dancer..which is great song and dance they was presented to us..after that, the part 3 is doing dance..it is combination in dance 1 Malaysia..in their performance ,they bring the element modern in dance until traditional variety of race dance.. next it is by part 4..they have dance presenting too among they all..besides that, in part 4 ..masscomer have they own artis...and he's talented was prove it trough program APB singing competition in year 2008.. which is Mohd Zaki has singing last night in our dinner.. the next is performance by group part 6.. which is zahir duo with syifaa was sing in front of we all..and all the part 6 came from at the stage...they all has sing a long for enjoy our time.. they sing the song,which is that title "jauh" and the second song it is "kau ilhamku"..

the event was celebrated very happening at the middle session, which is the dance floor was opened to our, especially to student's masscom..we all have a great moment..dance together..chill and enjoy it.. forget the all problem and assignment that pressure in our mind and tightly schedule in every time.. everybody happy and dance on the stage with lighting such as we at night club..feeling good every time in dance's step between us.. the event was stop meanwhile, the session gift implement now..the king and queen of pyjama tonight which is was taken by en. faiz with he pyjama clothes..all red.. and the queen of pyjama also too has taken by his couple or our lecturer too..which is miss iza.. she was dress up the pyjama with all red too..
and the consolation gift was give too, especially to our organized it is tengku ubaidah.. and the lecturer that support in this event too.. next is gift for the categories "lecturer yang paling sporting and "student paling sporting" .. the lecturer which is cik ma was win that categories..whereas, the student which is was taken by aidi safwan..he is the most sporting guy during this event started until the end.. people in the ballroom was exciting with him's joke..
after finished the gift prize session..the dance floor was continues an again.. after that, in half a hour this event was closed... and all people was go home.. :)

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bell said...

Wah~ sempoilah! err girls tak de ke? hehe (soalan daripada kwn llki kat sebelah saya)

Hafiszi Isa said...

tulah..best siot..hoho :)..

de lah..cm2 gurls pkai style pyjama mlm tu...hehe