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My Hometown

This my hometown, its Kuala Lipis, Pahang Darul Makmur..places where is my study at school and also my home..

Kuala Lipis

Malaysia consist of Peninsular Malaysia and East Malaysia.There are 14 states in the west part of Malaysia and two in the east (Sarawak and Sabah),which cover the northern part of the island of Borneo.East and West Malaysia are separated by South China Sea,the distance between the Peninsula and East Malaysia probably is about 500-1000km.

My hometown Kuala Lipis is located in the state of Pahang,if you look at the map,you can find Kuala Lipis quite in the middle of Peninsular Malaysia or maybe a bit more north.

Kuala Lipis is a small town that has very little to offer to tourists.District of Kuala Lipis consist of neighbourhood villages and towns like Benta,Penjom,Padang Tengku,Jerokoh and Merapoh.It is a riverside settlement where two rivers meet, Sungai Jelai and Sungai Lipis.That’s why it bears the name „Kuala".

Many of us learned in our history lesson,that Kuala Lipis was the capital of Pahang state from 1898 to 1955.During those days Kuala Lipis was an important trading place for timber (wood) and centre of gold and tin mining.In 1955 the capital of Pahang moved to Kuantan,since then Kuala Lipis ceased to develop.It becomes what many people called a sleepy town.However many people still remember this small town as the former capital of Pahang.I guess some older residents in Kuala Lipis are still proud of this fact.I once asked my grandfather why the government moved our capital to Kuantan.He said, we have only river and Kuantan has a seaport,which makes Kuantan more ideal for the title. Why not!

Kuala Lipis played an important part for the economy in Pahang during those days,due to this reason the British government had assigned Resident to Kuala Lipis and built him a house.It is a small museum and hotel now.There are a few colonial style buildings you can see in this town,for example,the City Hall,The Clifford School,some bungalows on the hill top and the Pahang Club.There are nice spots for photography.

I was born in Kuala Lipis in 1971 and left home in 1991.As far as I can remember,Kuala Lipis did not change much in these 20 years.In fact more and more young people left home after completed their Pre-university exams.They head on to bigger cities like Kuala Lumpur and Johore Bahru to further their studies or search for jobs.Those left behind are either government staffs,businessmen,those who have their own farms,very young people or very elderly.When I was a kid,there were only 3 rows of shophouses in the centre of the town,two rows on Jalan Besar (the Main Street) and one row on Jelai Street (overlooking the river).These shophouses were built in the early 1900s.

In the 90s there are more changes.New roads and bridges were built to branch Kuala Lipis out to another towns.Besides,new part of the town is opened to extend the commercial district.It is a good progress and sign.

Kuala Lipis is no longer a dead end or dead town.

"Kuala Lipis Map"

There are Malays,Chinese,Indians and Orang Asli (aborigine) in Kuala Lipis.In the centre of the town,it’s not hard to find different kind of food to eat.However,most of the shops and business owners are Chinese.The people here earn their livings as rubber tappers,(produced latex as raw material for making plastic and tyre) oil palm estate workers and farmers.The people in Kuala Lipis live a simple live,night life is not popular here.We used to have a cinema in town many years ago.When home video series and movies from Hong Kong came into our market, it hit the cinema business and eventually it closed down.

Something never change,Kuala Lipis is like many other small towns in Malaysia,finding good food and places to eat is never a problem.There’re stores selling breakfast,there are shops operate for lunch only and many opened for dinner and supper. The Kuala Lipis people love to eat and enjoy eating.In fact more and more food stores are opened.I do not know the population in Kuala Lipis,will keep you updated when I have the correct figure. It’s a place where you can know a lot of people and almost everyone know everyone in town.The crime rate is low and it’s quite safe to walk alone day and night.The ties between neighbours are very closed and strong.Most people have good contact with their neighbours.In this small town locking your front door and gate is not necessary.
When I was younger,I don’t see this town any special,but now I see it as my hometown and my root.A place that will bring back many of my childhood memories.A good place to find peacefulness and quietness for my mind after almost one whole year of hectic city life.

this my school logo..Sekolah Menengah Teknik SHAS Kuala Lipis,Pahang..which is my school from form 4 until form 5..a lot of a sweet and bitter memories can i get from this school..from this school i was so actively in sport also curriculum field..i in course of Vocasional it is Amalan Bengkel Mesin(ABM)..and at form 5 i has choosed by discipline teacher and prefect senior to became prefect school also in prefect hostel in my school.. i deputize in sport such as volleyball, athletic, prefect camping, police cadet and other else..

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