Monday, 4 January 2010

Teaser Opera.Dinner With Inamorta & Eustryll

Collection Of Teaser Opera Songs For Download :

Teaser Opera - Days.mp3

Teaser Opera - Revival.mp3

TEASER OPERA - 404.wma

TEASER OPERA - Darkest Song.wma

TEASER OPERA - Nameless Place.wma

It Just To Be Share With You All Guys About Their Song..Their Band from Kuantan..bring that genre like Metal and Hardcore..Their song not bad too..can improve be better next time..i like too heard their songs..Bravo too Teaser Opera! gud luck for u destination in line of music scene..

About Dinner With Inamorta (book us now)

Formed in kajang, Selangor, Malaysia, in 2009, Dinner With Inamorta was built with the simple notion that memorable melodies, and explosive performances make for the best band and after blood. Consist of five members from different background of music. Dinner With Inamorta come out with an easy listening genre. With one intention, we hope that we can give the best performance in every shows and songs for greatness and beyond. At last but not least, do support our local music scene even we’re not good enough than others.;p

Collection Of Dinner With Inamorta Songs For Download :

Dinner With Inamorta - Break Of Dawn.wma


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